Sugar Mummy In South Africa Needs A Handsome Young Man For Fun

My name is Cherry and I am from and base in South Africa. I am a fashion designer and a beautician. I have a 13 year old boy who is stubborn as hell but he does okay when it comes to studying. I love music. I sometimes which I was a musician but the closest I have come was a church play in my kiddie days and only I believe I was great. I love the movies and go to cinemas very often.


I need someone who can go out with me. I need a handsome young man, built and looks great in good clothes to be my man. I need someone young and quite athletic. He should feel comfortable been seen with me in public and if he can not do that, then he should not bother.

I am on Facebook but I will not give my id out here. Send me yours via mail and I will check you out. I am also on twitter and skype so just mail me whichever works for you and if I feel you are hot enough, I’ll Call back.

Thanks  for posting this any you have my support and blessing.

Drop your contact & info I will contact you .

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