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62 Years Old Minnesota, USA Lady Is Looking For Something New

Betty is a 62 years old Minnesota lady, she is looking to meet someone new who can inspire her to live her life to the fullest. She is divorced and loves to meet people from all walks of life.

Here is what she has to say about herself and the kinda person she will love to meet.

Just starting a new path in my life, would like to meet someone who is also looking for that new journey in their life. I am looking for a new adventure which includes travel, enjoying life, meeting new friends, eating and going to places that we both enjoy. No drama or negativism, I am looking for Respect, Trust, Honesty in a monogamous relationship. I love to Laugh, joke around and have fun, let’s explore all different aspects of life together.

Minnesota Lady

I have been known to Love and Care too much, but I value people and I treat them as I would want them to treat me.

This Minnesota lady enjoys hugs, kisses, Romance..and feeling the warmth of your body .. But let’s get to know each other……..then let’s see where our lives will take us …. I will enjoy spending time getting to know about you, your life and family…What are your desires and needs…Let’s laugh and experience life, do some traveling, try new foods at new restaurants, go to some movies, spend a quiet evening at home..

I just want to share and experience life with someone who loves Life and Adventure or just having an easy day laying in bed with each other… I think that life with your partner is supposed to be a Romance…Which enhances us falling in Love everyday … I believe that when we 1st meet we fall in LUST for each other….. Hopefully LOVE develops…. or sometimes NOT…… but I am willing to give it a go…

Let’s just be serious about the life that we both want to create together and pursue a Long Lasting Relationship that others will Envy….

I got your back……Forever…

When we connect on this site, lets talk and get to know each other and then plan to meet…sooner than later…

Know that you’re always Special and Unique and God has a plan for each of us..


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