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I Want A Real Man – California Sugar Mummy

A friend of mine connected me to this website because she got her sweet sugar boy from this free sugar mummy connection website and they are now together in the USA.

So I am here to meet my own sweet sugar boy too. I am 49 years and live in Danville, California, USA.

I’m intelligent, ambitious, energetic, affectionate, organized and loyal. I love traveling, dining out, plays/theaters, sporting events, boats, motorcycles, concerts, and hiking. I’m also open to new adventures.

I’m a mature woman who knows what she wants and not interested in men who want to reinvent the wheel with an inexperienced young woman or a man who wants children in their mid 40’s.

I’m flexible but I’ve decided to remain established in California with my family, alumni at UC Berkeley, AKA sorority, and Soroptimists. I’m not 420 friendly, so no drugs, drama, criminal records, asking me twerk or be a baby mama.

I’m looking for someone who is ambitious, energetic, intelligent, hardworking (you don’t need for a woman to co-sign), well dressed, have manners, a sense of humor, good values, and not cheap (Starbucks, Netflix, or going to the movies. Boriiiiing!).

Men need to know what they want- an independent woman or a woman waiting for them at home. Make your minds up. If you’re mentally strong and have a great attitude about dating, let’s connect, meet, and enjoy each other. Stay positive and God bless.


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