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Why You Haven’t Met A Sugar Mummy Yet

Thousands of young men like you have met sugar mummies from this website. In fact, new people meet and connect on this website on daily basis. We have lots of testimonials from those who have succeeded in meeting rich and attractive sugar mummies from this website.

Some of you complain that you have been on this site for a week or more now and haven’t met any sugar mummy yet, here are some of the reasons why you may not have met your own sugar mummy.

Wrong Approach
You may not have met your own sugar mummy because you have been going about it the wrong way. As much as these women are rich and are willing to spend tons of money on you or even pay you for your love and care, they don’t want a desperate dude for a lover.

No one wants a dude who is so desperate for a relationship, every woman wants a real man. These sugar mummies are humans with feelings too, they want to be with people they can be confident to be around.

So the next time you are approaching a sugar mummy on this site, don’t sound desperate. Be confident in yourself and your ability. Show from your comments that you are a real man who has all it takes to woo and keep an older woman.

Wrong Phone Number Format
Another reason you may not have met a sugar mummy on this website is wrong mobile phone number format. Bearing in mind that some sugar mummies may not be in the same country as you, you should be able to put your number in international mobile phone number format which begins with your country code for example +234 for Nigeria, +44 for the UK etc.

Unrealistic Targets
Some people go for every sugar mummy posted on this website even when it’s obvious you may not meet the requirements of the sugar mummy.

Some sugar mummies are not willing to relocate or connect with someone in a different location, so when you approach such sugar mummies, they will decline because you have failed to meet their requirements.

Always ensure to only apply to sugar mummies you have met all their requirements. If a sugar mummy requires only boys from South Africa and you are in Nigeria or Ghana, then she may not take your offer seriously.

So in conclusion, the next time you want to apply for a sugar mummy on this website, ensure to consider all the points listed in this article and if you follow them carefully in no time you will find the right sugar mummy for yourself and live your dream life.

Happy hunting!!!


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