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I Want To Find My Adam On This Site, Are You My Adam?

Lovisa is a 30 years old lady in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa looking for a man of at least 33 years and has to be exclusively an Asian, a White or Pacific Islander.

I am single and have never been married, I do not have a child yet either. I am a well-traveled fun loving girl with a good sense of humor, love traveling, and adventure is my favorite!

A weekend away in a tent, with a loved one would be wow! I traveled 11 countries, chasing my dream! I am highly educated and still willing to pursue more, research is interesting’

Horse riding, camping, nature tourism and watching the news, touring places are my hobbies!

I am looking for a fun open minded guy with good morals and values! Someone who enjoys traveling and who understand cultural differences! Willing to meet that special someone to travel the world together! I love country and rock music so if you play the guitar it’s a bonus!

Looking for my Adam, are you the one?? Hit me with a Hi if you are my Adam!


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