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Sugar Mummy In East London, South Africa

Sugar Mummy In East London – A 35 years old Sugar Mummy in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa is interested in a man of at least 35 years old for dating.

This Sugar Mummy in East London is only interested in Asians, Blacks or White ethnicities. She does not smoke but doesn’t mind if you do.

Sugar Mummy In East London

This Sugar Mummy in East London is single and have no kids. She has this to say about herself and the kind of man she is looking for on this free sugar mummy website.

How would you describe yourself?

My philosophy of life is to be always happy and let go of things I cannot change. Never compete with others but yourself, I’ve taught myself that I am not in charge that My creator is. I’m a jack of all trades I fit in anywhere, how can I not be, I’m a black woman who grew up in a village, stayed in a town ship and went to a white school. I’m a combo, I grew up a tom boy but discovered much later on that I am a woman who has a not so bad looking body lol.

I’ve also discovered that whoever created mankind was very generous and considerate of us. Meaning whoever He or They are, are in favor of us. Ive learned in life to always show humility even when others do not, forgiveness is good for one’s health and always fall in love.

I am looking for

Someone who wants to be happy ….someone I can learn from and share life with ….someone to discover life with, to share this wonderful life with…someone to make me want to become a better version of myself… someone who is down to earth, who is able to apologize when they are in the wrong or make a mistake….I want my Mr. Imperfect to be next to me as imperfect as I am, so we can be Perfect together…

Please don’t contact me if you find it difficult, to be honest …I know for some it becomes part of your DNA… if you don’t have a picture do not contact me either …no truth there… thank you


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