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My name is Kimberly and I am 37 years old, I live and work in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa. I am a single mother and I am interested in a man.

I’m a young loving, vibrant woman. Outgoing person, who loves reading. I like traveling and having fun, and being adventurous.

I love spending time with my family especially my daughter. I like the finer things in life. I like going out to restaurants, movies.

Sugar Mummy Kimberly


I like going out to restaurants, movies. I like watching documentaries and reading. I love music, I listen to Rnb. Am a shy person, very understanding, and a good listener.

Am not too much into the latest fashion (lol…am probably a bit old fashioned). I wear whatever I feel comfortable/confident in…

I wear whatever I feel comfortable/confident in.¬†Am a go-getter. I believe straight talk doesn’t break any friendship, so I would say it as it is.

I am looking for someone who is ready to love and be loved. Someone who is fun to be with, a good listener and someone I can be able to have a good conversation with.

Someone who loves traveling, we should do things together. A God-fearing man, a trustworthy man and if it’s God’s will grow old together.

I will accept your proposal if you can meet all my criteria. I do not want to be disappointed, so if you know you are coming to disappoint me I will recommend you don’t apply at all.

But if you know you are willing to go the whole 9-yards with me, then I promise you that you will have all your soul desired from me.

Kindly leave your mobile number in international mobile phone number format and also state why you want me. If I feel you most, I will give you a call before the end of work today.

Reader Comments

  1. hello my name is William and I would be interested in you for life text me at +1-724-988-8404 have a blessed day

  2. Hi dear, i cant promise you moon and stars. But i have cannot be bought. I promise love and respect. +27824278655

  3. Dear Ma’am,
    If you are really interested in me then contact me on my WhatsApp No. +918210125249 or on my email ID : [email protected].

    I would love and care for you much. You can’t get person like me. I am good at heart and God fearing person.

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