Another Sugar Mama In Sandton Is Looking For A Man

A 37 years old Sugar Mama In Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa is looking for a man for love. This single Sugar Mama In Sandton is interested in long-term relationships and is looking for a black or white man who can sweep her off her feet.

Here is how this Sugar Mama In Sandton described herself and the kind of man she is looking for.

Sugar Mama in Sandton

How would you describe yourself?

Bubbly, extremely honest, sensitive, love attention. Loving, strong but very fragile at the same time. Respectful, very faithful. Appreciating. Outspoken. Lazy but would not allow house help to prepare meals for her husband and kids. An indoor person. Muslim. Not fully practicing but observe the basics.

I am well mannered and expect the same from the next person. I value the words please, thank you and I’m sorry. I am a crybaby and a scaredy cat. I am scared of the little creepy crawlies. I am scared of a man who raises their voice.

I love hugs, long warm hugs, love to cuddle. Spend time indoors once in a while just staring at each other or take a long drive to nowhere. I enjoy taking a walk on quiet Sunday afternoons.

I have no kids, would love one except I have the fear of the unknown where having a child is concerned. I guess with the right kind of support I would make a great mother.

I value communication, I strive on communication. I love attention.

NB: I take very good care of myself but the fact remains that I am 38 years old (in 3 months). So expect to see a 38-year-old, not a 26-year-old.

I am looking for

Mature, loving, humble, faithful, honest, looking for commitment, not into friends, not into clubbing. Basically, a matured man who is not excited by the stuff youngsters do. Appreciating, allows me to be myself as in my lazy self while ensuring that he is taken care of by his princess in the best way she knows how. Not controlling. Makes suggestions, does not impose. Who loves to cuddle.

They may have a child/children but not living with them.

Someone who is well mannered. And who values communication as I believe it is the key to a healthy long lasting relationship.

If you are interested in this Sugar Mama in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa then you can apply via the comments below.

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  1. Comment*hi I’m sori 2 say dis bt straight talk doesn’t break anything so my point is ALL U NEED IS LOVE n believe u me dats da foundation of everything n I’m da specialist wen it cums 2 dat field bt hey let me nt spoil everything b4 it even starts so just give a call then we will discuss da rest privately feel free to do so 0651845869

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