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Dubai Sugar Mummy Seeking Arrangement

A 37 years old rich and beautiful Dubai Sugar Mummy Seeking Arrangement is now available for all those looking for Sugar Mummies in Dubai.

This pretty Dubai Sugar Mummy Seeking Arrangement is single and has never been married. This Dubai Sugar Mummy Seeking Arrangement does not have any kids yet but wants children in the future with you.

Dubai Sugar Mummy Seeking Arrangement

This Dubai Sugar Mummy Seeking Arrangement is looking for a man for a long-term relationship. Here is how this Dubai Sugar Mummy Seeking Arrangement described herself and the kind of man she is interested in.

I am a positive, fun loving adventurous daughter of Venus, happiness and laughter make life way easier despite its sorrows. Would rather smile than frown. Laugh more than I cry. My glass is always half filled. I enjoy the finer things in life, but I am never pretentious. You would see me in flip flops one day and Shillito heels the next. Jeans and tank tops to flowing gowns. If you not careful maybe your shorts and shirts and tee shirts too. Lol.

Love music and have an eclectic taste ranging from soft rock and roll to opera, love my ballads, some hip-hop, a little rap and some folk.

Dubai hasn’t helped my culinary skill but like I said. I am adventurous!!! Miss having that one to cook with and enjoy a glass of bubbly and giggle and maybe burn some of the food because we been naughty in love and joy.

I am looking for a happy cheerful man who is ready to settle down. He has been there and done that. His baggage doesn’t weigh him down as we all have them. No drama! But I know that I can handle drama. I have been tested and did well in my books. So bring it on!!!  Just make sure I am in love with you.

I seek my best friend, my lover and my confidante. I seek a man who wants to find a home in me and the joys and happiness I bring him. A man who has love in his heart and isn’t afraid to show his feelings. Laugh and cry with him. Be naughty and be silly and childish with me but same time be the man who dares. So now I will say “Que Sera, Sera” ! Write me and take me off here soon.

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