61 Years Old White Johannesburg Sugar Momma Wants You

A 61 years old White Johannesburg Sugar Momma is interested in you. This White Johannesburg Sugar Momma is seeking arrangement with a young man for a long-term relationship.

This White Johannesburg Sugar Momma is widowed and has children. She is looking for someone who can make the rest of her life great and fun. She wants someone she can spend quality time with and wants someone who is in Johannesburg or willing to relocate to Johannesburg to be with her.

White Johannesburg Sugar Momma

Here is how this White Johannesburg Sugar Momma described herself and the kind of man she is seeking. So if her description matches you, kindly use the comment section below to apply to her now.

I work for a property company in the residential department. I am honest, caring, trustworthy and understanding. Love reading, spending time with family. Very homely, music Lionel Richie, Sade, Adelle. Love cooking, movies and love taking a walk on the beach when I can, going to a live show is great.

I am looking for an honest, trustworthy and respectable male as a friend. None alcoholic (don’t mind a social drink ) none smoker, someone to make me laugh. Take a walk on the beach with, listening to good music. Spending time with me and making my day amazing.

Please if you are looking for a South African Sugar mummy just for the money do not bother to apply to me but if you are looking for great times together filled with love and joy, I will be your woman to the end. The money shouldn’t be your drive to want to be with me, I know I will have to spend lots of money on you always but I don’t want it to be your reason of wanting to be with me. I need to know that I can be enough for you and every other thing will be a bonus.

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