How Much Can Sugar Mummies Pay?

How much Can Sugar Mummies Pay? –┬áSo many of you have been asking these questions through emails and comments. Many of you will like to know how much Sugar Mummies pay and the benefits of dating Sugar Mummies.

Well, to answer your questions straight without beating around the bush or telling unnecessary stories.

How Much Can Sugar Mummies Pay?

There is no specified amount of money or gifts a Sugar Mummy must pay to you to be loved an cared for.

Different sugar mummies can decide to pay you different amounts depending on how much they have come to like/love you. It depends on how special you have made them feel.

We have been heard of Sugar Mummies that pay as much as $4000 a month to those that pay much more higher such as $10,000 per month. Others pay way less than that too.

Some have also purchased cars, houses and other exotic cars for their Sugar Boys among other abroad travels and vacations.

So asking the question “How much can Sugar Mummies pay?” cannot attract specified answers. But one thing is sure, if you make a rich Sugar mummy happy, you are bound to be rewarded or paid very well.

It is not proper to discuss prices with Sugar Mummies first during the time you are just meeting them.

Some of you have lost their chances of dating rich Sugar Mummies because they were all out for the money.

So even if you are for the money, concentrate on building love, friendship, and trust first. Earn the respect of your Sugar Mummy and then you can renegotiate your terms.

So in answering the question How much can Sugar Mummies pay, we cannot specifically put a price on it just as you can’t put a price on love.

How Can I Make Sugar Mummies Pay More?

You can get very rich from dating a Sugar Mummy. Just like other women, Sugar Mummies are attention lovers, so give her all your attention always. Always do her bidding even when you are uncomfortable with them.

Most Sugar Mummies are abused at home, make her find a refuge in you. Make her feel like she is in heaven whenever she is with you. Give her reasons to see she can’t live without you by being nicer than the man at home.

Do not show you are money conscious. If you make a Sugar Mummy believe it’s all about the money, she may pay you less and replace you in no time. Make her believe you genuinely love her and by so doing win her heart and she will be willing to do anything to please you.

Most importantly, keep your relationships with other women away from your Sugar Mummy no matter what. Most women are naturally jealous of younger women.

Women are very competitive and once they feel threatened, they tend to withdraw. So make her feel very special and you can win her heart and get paid more.

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