North Carolina Sugar Mummy Needs A Man

North Carolina Sugar Mummy – A 50 years old North Carolina Sugar Mummy is interested in a man for a long-term dating. This North Carolina Sugar Mummy who is currently separated is looking for a man who can make her happy once again.

Here is how this North Carolina Sugar Mummy described herself and the kind of man she is looking for.

North Carolina Sugar Mummy

How would you describe yourself?
Attractive, quick to smile, slow to anger. Creative, passionate, patient, optimistic. Curious, open-minded. A film buff, a good listener, and an awesome cook!

I am one of the kindest and most accepting people around, but you should know that “Nice” doesn’t mean “Stupid”. I am very intuitive and quick to recognize when one is not sincere or well-meaning.

I just turned 50, and I have so much I still want to do, and see, and accomplish, that I just don’t have time to waste. I realize we all have baggage, just please have yours stowed in the proper area so that it doesn’t fall out and bash us on our heads.

I love being around positive people, and I love teaching what I know to anyone interested. I’m a bit of a tomboy, I love the outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking, and I love animals.

I’m no sissy, I don’t shriek at the sight of mice, but spiders are a deal breaker.I like to get dolled up and be ravishing from time to time, but I’m not what is considered “high maintenance” – life is too delicious, I need to experience it without worrying about ruining my manicure.

Designer things don’t impress me. Instead of a $1,000 purse, I’d rather have a $20 purse with $980 in it. I am so bad at jokes, I usually get the punchlines all messed up, and I love to laugh, hold hands, and exchange sweet words and kisses. The glass is always full.

I am looking for
Looking for a friend of the heart. I am the sum of all my experiences so far-the unspeakably beautiful, the dark and scary, the profoundly enlightening and the just plain dumb. This is a time for me when my eyes are most open and eager; nothing is so inviting as the promise of a brand new day.

I would love to find someone to share my journey, a friend first and always, who gets me. You can be yourself and I’ll be me, and we can be us together. I believe in loving kindness, and I know that, despite what the headlines say, we are all way more alike than we are different.

I am a hands-on woman, I communicate by touch and feel as well as with words. I have an intense love of life, I can’t have a life without love and laughter, and good food and great sex and awesome music!

I am looking for a man who is at home in his own skin. I need a sharer, a thinker, a lover, a teacher, a learner. Someone to work with me to enrich this life for ourselves and for others. Please be intelligent, please be passionate, please be brave. And let good things come as they may.

Please kindly drop your valid contact details below if you are interested in this North Carolina Sugar Mummy. Click here to check out other USA Sugar Mummies that may be interested in you.


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20 thoughts on “North Carolina Sugar Mummy Needs A Man

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