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Simple Sugar Dating – All you have to do when you join our Sugar Mummy Connect community is decide if you would like to be a Sugar Mummy or a Sugar Baby.

Having chosen your role, you decide how much Sugar and Love you are willing to give and receive?

Once you have decided on this, you can immerse yourself in the world of sugar dating, and experience some of the most passionate and fulfilling relationships possible.

Sugar Mummy - Find Match

Sugar Mummy Connect is NOT…

Sugar Mummy Connect strictly prohibits the use of this site for prostitution and escort services.

Members who use it to promote any such services will be banned from the site.

Why SugarMummyConnect?

We simply provide the answer to two common questions.

Is she rich? … and … Is she hot?

We then go a step further. Sugar Mummies put their money where their mouth is. They provide a life of luxury and support to their Sugar Babies, taking an interest in their general well being and future.

In many ways, Sugar Dating can be more fulfilling than your standard relationship as it is based on mutual expectations being met.

Sugar Mummy Connect is the fastest growing Sugar Mummy Network that provides you with the option of freedom of choice and it’s also open to all.

Sugar Mummy Connect boasts of great social features with superior privacy controls and above all its completely free of charge.

No registration or membership is payment is required and we do not make use of agents for our services.

What is a Sugar Mummy?

A Sugar Mummy is a successful woman who provides for her Sugar Baby. He is a gentlewoman who is generous with her wealth and doesn’t mind sharing it with her Sugar Baby.

What is a Sugar Baby?

A Sugar Baby is an attractive young man seeking to be pampered and supported by a Sugar Mummy. He makes life more enjoyable for his Sugar Mummy by making her feel appreciated and valued.

What is a Sugar Mama?

A Sugar Mama is a successful woman who is empowered to make her own decisions regarding the type of man she wants and the relationship she prefers. She is a trailblazer choosing to financially support her Sugar Baby.